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Our Process



Perhaps, the most important stage of the design process. Here we ascertain your wants needs and goals. We learn about your company and your audience. We learn what your site needs to do and why your need to do it. We try to gather as much information as possible so your vision for your site and business can come to fruition.



Keeping your goals and audience in mind, we craft a plan for your site which will achieve your desired results. We plan site architecture, pages, create wireframes, define colors, fonts, we plan for conversions and optimization. Our careful planning ensures the rest of the design process runs smoothly and the finished design permanently cements your online presence.



Once our plan is defined, we execute. We take what we have discovered about your company and what we have planned and turn it into a visually stunning and attractive design. We create a design that captures your audience and personifies your brand. Through visual design we create a website that tells your story through words and imagery. We establish your goals through a carefully crafted design.



Perhaps one of the easiest phases of the web design process (because we planned of course).. We take the beautiful, bold engaging design and turn it into a functioning website. Your design is turned into a WordPress Theme, the proper plugins and tools are installed to ensure your site has the functionality needed to reach your goals.



We are almost ready to send your web identity for everyone to see. However, before we do so, we test your new site and make sure everything functions properly. We ensure the site is responsive and is working correctly on a different array of devices. We test forms, check links, text plugins or any other functions which impact the use of your site.



Once the site is ready and reviewed by our team and reviewed by your. Awaiting your launch code, once received we press GO. BLAST OFF! With a couple of simple changes your site is pushed live into production for the world to see but more importantly your desired audience is read to engage.



Once the site is live and the bugs are worked out in testing we start to collect data to we can determine our online strategy. Some of the optimization stage takes part in discovery, planning, design and development, however it is impossible to finalize any site optimization until the site is live. With it now live and tested we can measure your audience’s’ reaction and the search engines reception of the site and fine tune it so it gets maximum visibility.



Last but not least, tracking and conversion tracking code is added to the the site so we can measure your goals and continue to make tweaks and fine tune your strategy to continue to improve your site conversions and performance.